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The Old fashion Tooter Pie

Tooter was a woman of simple tastes, born and raised in the picturesque town of Somerset, Kentucky. Her given name was Mildred Ping Phelps, but everyone in the tight-knit community knew her as Tooter.

Tooter's family had a cherished secret—a treasured old-fashioned meringue pie recipe that had been handed down from her great-great-grandmother. It was a recipe born in the heart of Somerset, and it had been perfected over the years. Tooter's pies were legendary, drawing people from far and wide.

She had learned the art of pie-making from her mother “Mom Ping”, who had learned it from her mother, and so on. Tooter's pies were a labor of love, and every step of the process was a carefully guarded family tradition. From the flaky, buttery crust to the golden, sweet filling, and the billowing meringue topping, each pie was a work of culinary art.

Tooter's little house on the outskirts of Somerset was always filled with the warm, inviting aroma of freshly baked pies. The town's folks would eagerly line up at her door, waiting for their turn to savor a slice of heaven. Her meringue pies became synonymous with Somerset itself, and they were a symbol of the town's rich history and traditions.

Tooter, with her warm smile and grandmotherly charm, became a beloved figure in Somerset. She not only served her pies to the community but also generously shared her baking wisdom with anyone who asked. She believed that traditions were meant to be cherished and passed on, just like her family's beloved pie recipe.

As the years passed, Tooter's reputation as the Meringue Pie Queen of Somerset grew far beyond the town's borders. Tooter's pies became a symbol of Southern hospitality, and people from all over the country made pilgrimages to Somerset just to taste a slice of her pie.

Though Tooter passed away peacefully one winter evening in 2023, her legacy lived on. The people of Somerset, and pie lovers everywhere, continued to make and enjoy her famous meringue pies. The recipe remained a closely guarded secret, passed down through the generations, ensuring that Tooter's tradition would never be forgotten.

To this day, Somerset, Kentucky, remains a place where people come to savor the taste of a bygone era, thanks to a woman affectionately known as Tooter. Her old-fashioned meringue pies continue to bring joy and a sense of nostalgia to all who taste them, reminding everyone that some traditions are worth preserving for generations to come.